Pub Shuttle

You need a lift?

Our Tourbus is also a chance for you to get a lift. Give us a ring and we will speak with you about your lift to The Lookout.

So if you are coming by bus we can pick you up for free in town. We charge for a lift from the Donegal Airport or from Donegal town and we only do that if the van is not needed for Tours or day trips!

You are in the mood for a Pint but someone has to drive? Here comes your chance!

In normal times we offer a free lift to local Pubs in the evenings. Our Shuttle is running until midnight. If you want to stay longer you will have to call a taxy 😉

Covid-19 safety in the van!

Pub shuttle and lift is only running for groups or single people in this situation. At the moment we do not mix guests from different households in the van. You will have to wear a face covering while sitting in the van. Disinfection is in place.

The shuttle service is only operating, when the Tour Bus is at the house. Sometimes Brigitte is on Ireland Tour with German Tourists.