Safety measures

Safety measures

We follow the heath and safety advice of the WHO and the HSE, and the house and our services have a very high hygienic standard.

Covid-19 Safety Charter

We run the house and our tours with a high hygienic safety standard and have received the Failte Ireland certificate for Covid-19 safety. We are quality insured, and the house is rated very low risk for viral transmission.

Covid-19 Policy

For your own safety and for safety of others!!

We kindly ask you to follow these safety instructions to avoid the spreading of Covid-19

Wash your hands

We have soap for you in our two bathrooms and at the kitchen sink. Please use only your private towel that you will find on the bed in your room. You will find instructions on proper hand-washing techniques in the bathrooms.

Disinfection in progress

We clean all handles in the house with disinfectant fluid twice a day to avoid cross-contamination. If you feel uncomfortable with this, just come and ask us to do it again before you enter.


Our high standards of cleaning will be in progress like normal. We clean bathrooms, kitchens and all common areas daily with disinfectant fluids.


We want to make sure that you find a healthy environment in the house. For this we regularly open the windows and doors to get fresh air in all common areas.

Cutlery and dishes

We offer you a special service if you feel more comfortable with using only your private cutlery and dishes. Ask us for one set of it just for your private use and we will provide it for you.

Kitchen use

Please wash and dry all the dishes immediately after use in the self-catering kitchen. Please use dishwashing liquid always!

Social Distancing

We ask you kindly to keep 2 meters distance from other guests!

Please feel free to use the two provided eating areas and the two seating areas in the living room. We have space in the common room and in the kitchen to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet (about 1,5 to 2 meters).

Respect the health and safety of other people even if you are sure that you are not infected!


Located at our reception on the ground floor are hand-sanitiser supplies. Use it with care and only if needed. Don’t destroy your natural skin protection barrier and don’t waste the disinfection fluid. It might be needed by others more.

Use only as much as needed to disinfect your hands and make sure that you reach every part of your hands and wrists with it. Put it between your fingers and on your fingertips as well. Do this for about 20 to 30 seconds and make sure that your hands are dry again before going on with normal things. This is the only effective disinfection technique.

Stay healthy and make sure others stay healthy as well!